..Life only travells once..
..Today moments becomes tomorrow memories..
..Enjoy every moment, good or bad..
..Because the gift of life is life itself..

Friday, 14 May 2010

Week in The life - Day VI 13 05 2010

this day is a holiday.. mr Lazy Sun says hello!

sun shine coming through the leaves and bananas fruit on bananas field near by my home

This cat and 2 others usually come to see the twin when they have a meal...
'hi..Pussycat..where are ur  friend?'..

we went to Mbah's house..twin's grandma who always waiting and cheers us..

planting pots colouring Mbah's house

rain..rain in Jl. Imam bonjol..

the newest mall to be near by Senayan City

Irfan was very happy and loved to try any displays in 3D exhibition

Whoohoo...I can Fly...

go home..


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