..Life only travells once..
..Today moments becomes tomorrow memories..
..Enjoy every moment, good or bad..
..Because the gift of life is life itself..

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

a simple mini album for new-new

Setelah ngelap-ngelap wall blog ini  yang mulai berdebu...dan sudah mulai mengilat kembali,...ijinkan saya mengisinya lagi...


I have a big sis ..she is my lovely sis I have..named Dyah..
but I used call her New-new (read:Nyu-nyu)

On last 30rd September 2010,  she  had her birthday ..
With one and other reason..finally I gave her this gift ..(after 3 weeks ..ha-ha..how lazy I am)

a simple mini album with all my heart in it..

The Cover...

In my mom's house I found something in the trash bin..I ask to my big bro if  I could take it for my toys (yay..^_^)

and I used it as the frame of  my sis's Sephia  picture..
I used naked chipboard  (   I like the colour..so vintage.and maybe I was too lazy to paint it.) to decorated the cover....

first page..
remember that we were in the Childhood zone..
How old we were? maybe  I was 2 and You were 7

Second page
One of special moment with our beloved sister..

Look at their glasses..so funny wasn't it?..and hey..what did you do with it? did  you smell something nice from the comb?..a ha..(it is your behavior untill the present..)
and me..why did I close my face?

third page
exactly right!..

4th page
You held my hand. You had taking care of me..

Look at the vintage flowers..I cut from (once again) my mom's old gordjin.
we look so nice each other, actually  we did like as sisters to be 
( like cat and dog...yiahahaha..)
Remember sis?..
5th page
I used a kalkir paper (thanks Liem Tjien..this one is from you) to cover the really 5th page

one of your best pose
..so innocent..and look at your dress ..so 'jadoel abiz...

6th page
Did I tell you that you are my best big sister in the world..

7th page
I know all the story about this couple..

8th page
Your kids are so nice

9th page
and in the present..Who  know and believe that I am your lil sis

10th page
We love our mother..O yeah we do..
11th page
love the shape of this chip board..I really didn't want to paint it.
It's perfect!

12th page
love u sis..

Back Cover
just with only my shilloute, I thought she knows me well..

I call her  New-new (Nyu-nyu) , she used call  me Lala or Abeque (jelek bgt ya?..but it's nice to me)

I told you this is only a simple mini album..
but for us..it was telling a lot..., wasn't  New?

Friday, 8 October 2010


Suatu pagi seorang gadis bertanya pada Ibunya,

"Ibu, engkau selalu terlihat cantik..aku ingin sepertimu, beritahulah sesuatu.."

Dengan tatapan dan senyum haru, sang Ibupun menjawab,

"Untuk bibir yang menarik, ucapkanlah perkataan yang baik"..

"Untuk pipi yang lesung, tebarkanlah senyum ikhlasmu di muka bumi"..

"Untuk mata indah menawan, lihatlah selalu kebaikan orang lain"..

"Untuk tubuh yang langsing, sisihkan makanan bagi fakir miskin"..

"Untuk jemari tangan yang lentik menawan, hitunglah dosa dan pujianmu untuk-Nya"..

"Untuk wajah putih bercahaya, basuhlah muka dengan air yang bersih"..


"Kecantikan fisik akan pudar oleh waktu,

tapi kecantikan perilaku tak akan pudar meski oleh kematian.."

note anonyme yang sungguh menyentuh kiriman dr kakak beberapa hari yang lalu lewat inbox ..