..Life only travells once..
..Today moments becomes tomorrow memories..
..Enjoy every moment, good or bad..
..Because the gift of life is life itself..

Saturday, 14 September 2013

week in the life - Friday , 13 September 2013

Alhamdulillah..it 's Friday...
I started  this day with went to the atm (Automatic Teller Machine) near home..because  our electricity pulse  is off..hiks
What is the topic today ?

.. finishing his breakfast....
As usual  went to school by bike ride ...and he met his friend, Ditya and Fadil on the way go to their class, grade 5 Eisaku Sato.

went home..
 my breakfast..Nasi Uduk with Balado Telor, Fried Beehoon, orek Tempe nd Telor Dadar..
 Cilandak Mall...

...So many things , so colourfull were there..

Pick up Ican...What were you looking at, son ?
my Lunch...semur betawi ..

Waiting Irfan get his lesson at kumon and EF (English First) at Ruko Cinere..
 Irfan was ready to go home, but as usual he said : ...'lapaaar ibuuu....so we went to Cafe Mixtures
my Dinner
Irfan's dinner..

We went home...

...well ...

Iam a teacher, nurse, security officer, driver,event planner, personal assistant, photographer and eveything to be...all for my children, I work day and night, I'm on call 24/7 for the rest of my life

....I'm proud and so bless being 'just a MOM for my children..


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