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..Today moments becomes tomorrow memories..
..Enjoy every moment, good or bad..
..Because the gift of life is life itself..

Friday, 13 January 2012

For Daisy only

I just made a lay out 12 x 12 inches for my good, best friend Daisy...2 days ago

She is a smart, elegant and talent woman....

So  I try to make it in accordance with her character
hopefully she likes this  litle gift...

want to know guys?.....here we go...check it out...

lay out 12 x 12 inches
with use a 12 x 12 paper from Life Stories by Jen Wilson

 let's see the detail...

do you like that frame?..I heart it...
 I bought  that frame many years ago..and It decorated our living room with photograps alternately..
And one fine day Ican, my son found it as his new toy..
hmmmm you know the end of the story do you?
yup..he broke it
and that beautiful frame never shown in my living room again..but stored neatly in a drawer..

And now...It showed how it used to be...
It framed beautifully that charming lady in sephia...


the flowers...
they grow in group at the left corner of the lay out...
Floral embellishments are from Essentials no11 

this beautiful embellisment I got from sneakpeak when I came to Indonesian Scrapbookers Gathering a year ago..thanks Collete, your work always amazing, detail and classy...love it..

the chocolate classic pasley  is from Pearl Flourishes, KAISERCRAFT

she always chic whatever she changes her hairstyle..
hihihi...it is really her

hmmm....wanna fly with this lovely buterfly?
in the past she is my favorite brooch..
and now...she has a new task as a guard of Daisy's letters..

and voila..d o n e

so...I gifted it to her on last wednesday night...
and you now what she said?

'ami..thanks so much for your lovely present..
I can't say how much value it carries for me... no money can buy it
it is such a precious thing...'

it means a lot for me..
thanks Daisy.. you are so sweet..

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