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..Today moments becomes tomorrow memories..
..Enjoy every moment, good or bad..
..Because the gift of life is life itself..

Monday, 3 January 2011

for Dita

when the time shows 00.00 at the beginning of each year, Dita, one of my niece also gained increasing age..
this time the number is so fantastic, she is 20 at
1 1 11,..well!..

as a birthday gift, I made a simple 12" x 12" layout..

she isn't a teenager anymore ..
so I made it so 'dewasa style...

but not for the bag..hihihi..
look at the bag..Taraa..
I so so heart it..

I bought it in Singapore on last nov 2010..
it's only cost a few bucks ..but this frizzy girl with glasses is so cute
( isn't she ? )

and now, the detail
 remembered that you were  a little lady of 2 years old in Adelaide

that time.. you were so cute, adorable, unpredictable and "resourceful"..

time flies so fast..

hei girl...what is you dream about?

butterflies fly any where they want..
Reach your dream as high as stars in the sky, young lady!.. do not be afraid with the challenges..I'm sure you can!

papers from 7gypsies 6" x6"


the frame


flowers by prima flora

I hope she like it

Happy birthday Dita,
and thank you for the yummy ice cream..sweet heart..


  1. Stunning style......and the way you shoot on the detail....oh, you are pro, mba Ami.....loveeeee it......

  2. Really?..i'm flattered to hear this, I am learned a lot from you, Ria..

    thank's Suhu...(*membungkuk dalam)

  3. Tante!! Bags bangeet huhuu aku jadii terharuuu..senengbgttt aku.. Tante ami yang slalu ada disaat aku lg nakal2nya,gampaang nangiiis,labil dan sampai aku udh 20 tahuuun..hu it means I'm not a kid anymore..tante lanjutkan Teruuuus yaaah berkaryanya..love you so much tantekuu

  4. tunggu bentar..ambil tisu dulu...

    thank u Dita..i'm glad to know that you like that gift..very-very bighug